PartSmart & System Five Integration

  1. After installing the PartSmart application (above), run PartSmart and click on the Utilities tab page (the PartSmart Options tab page will be displayed within the Utilities tab page)
  2. In the BSV Path entry field, Browse to the System Five bin directory and select the Part.exe application. You should end up with something like the following in your BSV Path entry field: c:\System5\bin\Part.exe
  3. Congratulations! You have completed all the setup required in PartSmart to link with System Five. To complete the integration setup, read the next section on how to configure System Five.


PartSmart Setup in System Five

  1. Start System Five and go to the Setup Wizard
  2. In Special Modules → Part Smart Setup put a check mark in the Use Part Smart? check box entry field.
  3. Congratulations! You have now finished setting up System Five and PartSmart to work with each other. Check for other wiki articles on how to do part lookups etc with PartSmart and System Five.


Interface Not Supported Error

System Five versions dated March 2016 and later won't need these instructions anymore as it will add the registry entry automatically if missing; just use the Register System Five instructions below to complete the COM setup in Windows. Part.exe that comes with System Five should be used as well.

If you're getting an interface not supported error, it means that you've got a registry entry problem that needs to be fixed. You need to follow these steps. This works for XP and WIN7

  1. Download this to the customers machine, you may need to open up an ftp client, go to the folder and download this manually :
  2. Unzip it an open the folder
  3. ! You don't need the Part.exe unless you're really having problems !
  4. All you need to do is modify the registry file, open PartSmart_Win7.reg in a text editor and do a search for BIN, and replace the path for all of these to the location of your bin folders. If you want to use Partsmart for a live bin and a training bin, then you'll need to modify this file twice and register it twice for these locations. So if ever you move the bin folder to another location, you'll need to reregister this file with a new path:
  5. EXAMPLE:- Say I have my bin folder at F:\APPS\SystemFive\bin44 Then what I would do is open up the PartSmart_Win7.reg in a text editor, and replace paths like these C:\\WINDWARD\\SYSTEM5\\BIN
    TO F:\\APPS\\SystemFive\\bin44 You always need double slashes, and remember to keep the program at the end, i.e. if the path is C:\\WINDWARD\\SYSTEM5\\BIN\\SystemFive.exe THEN your new path will be F:\\APPS\\SystemFive\\bin44\\SystemFive.exe
  6. If after doing this you begin to get Class Not Registered errors, then you'll need to copy the Part.exe in from this unzipped folder, to the bin location and overwrite the Part.exe in there. ONLY do this if you're still not able to get it to work after registering the aforementioned file, and double check your setup.
  7. This is documented in the Readme file in the zip, so if you have further issues, please consult this.