We are continuing to work with Datacap Systems to resolve the certificate trust issue impacting credit and debit card processing. We understand how impacting this is to your business and appreciate your patience. We are expecting resolution will require administrator privilege's on the impacted workstations to resolve. Typically these computers have pinPADs attached to them. 

To avoid waiting. please ensure your users or someone in the organization has the Administrator password for when our technicians contact you.  If you have an IT firm that administrates your workstations, you may need to contact them for this information.

US Customers

1. Remove or uninstall the existing installation of both Object Controls


  • The version might be different on your end but go ahead and uninstall them both.
  • In Windows, search for Add or Remove Programs



  • Search for “dsiEMVUS” & “dsiPDCX” and uninstall


2. Installation of Datacap Controls

From http://www.datacapepay.com/epay50/3728/  (it doesn’t matter that you are not Worldpay), you do not need to reboot between installs.

Install on your workstation

Install dsiEMVUS® 1.65

Install dsiPDCX® 1.82


Graphical user interface, text, application

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Canadian Moneris and Global customers


Un-install Any version of dsiEMVClientX – make note of what version you have as you need to reinstall the same version.

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Moneris P400

Install DSIEMVClientX™ 1.32 from http://www.datacapepay.com/epay50/3893/


Global Canada P400


Install DSIEMVClientX™ 1.38 from http://www.datacapepay.com/epay50/4627/