We have two printing options when printing labels

1. using laser or inkjet printer

2. using a dedicated barcode printer

To setup a new Label: this is the second option

1. Go to the Menu options

2. Under the Setup Tools > Printing Options > Forms and Label Designers > Bar Code Label Print Codes > Inventory Bar Code Label Print Codes

3. But this should be created and designed by your own programming team or a tech guy. The code should look like this or similar. We only have a sample. 

4. Once you're done, test it by printing a label. Hit Menu > Inventory and Purchases > Inventory > Edit Item. Choose any item you want to test. Then click Label, choose the first option to appear. As for my example, it named as Barcode Default.

5. Then the window below will confirm how many labels you wanted to print. Just hit OK.

6. Then, you can select which will be your dedicated barcode label printer. You can select the same form or any form, that you created or designed. Then preview.

7. Preview. It should look like this. 

8. This form will now be available on all inventory items in System5.