We have two printing options when printing labels

1. using laser or inkjet printer - see below

2. using a dedicated barcode printer

To setup a new Label: this is the second option inv_barcode_printing.mp4

1. Go to the Menu options

2. Under the Setup Tools > Printing Options > Forms and Label Designers > Bar Code Label Print Codes > Inventory Bar Code Label Print Codes

3. But this should be created and designed by your own programming team or a tech guy. The code should look like this or similar. We only have a sample. 

4. Once you're done, test it by printing a label. Hit Menu > Inventory and Purchases > Inventory > Edit Item. Choose any item you want to test. Then click Label, choose the first option to appear. As for my example, it named as Barcode Default.

5. Then the window below will confirm how many labels you wanted to print. Just hit OK.

6. Then, you can select which will be your dedicated barcode label printer. You can select the same form or any form, that you created or designed. Then preview.

7. Preview. It should look like this. 

8. This form will now be available on all inventory items in System5.

The first option to setup a new label 


1. Go to Menu Options

2. Setup Tools > Printing Options > Forms and Label Designers > Inventory Label Designer

3. In my demo, I have 3 labels on the lists. If you want edit any of these labels then just choose any labels then Edit. But if you want to create a New label, then click New.

4. Then rename the label. In my case, I name it Inventory New and select the laser printer for labels. You have the options to choose which way you wanted to design your labels. 

You can create a design from templates on your computer.

You can create a design from a repository which is a web page that you have saved.

You can use an existing form/design

Or create a blank design

5. Gonna try the existing design (Label (2 Across, 7 Down). Hit OK

6. It will lead you to Page design tab. Page design tab gives you the layout of how the labels are arrange on the sheet of paper. You can Scale back to show more of the papers and that will give you a better view of the layout. You can see the dimension of each labels by clicking one of them, then click the Position. This should be the same for all labels.

Position of each labels

7. To view a different layouts that we can setup. Go to Default tab, you will find a lists of variety of different avery type labels. An avery is a manufactured labels, they have numbers

associated with their different sizes and layouts of their labels. If you wanted to choose any avery then restore defaults, it will override your original design on the Page design tab. If your happy with your original design then just let it be then go to Label tab.

8. Label Tab. You can Scale Up or Scale Down. Scale Up is to see a better view/ whole design while Scale Down to zoom out, to see a bigger design.

9. On the right side of the design, you see a different fields of different things you wanted to add on the design. 

10. Just expand each of the fields and choose anything you wanted to use then, double click on it to be added on the design. You can re-add or deletethe fields just  by using the delete button on the keyboard. You can resized the label by hovering the mouse at the edge of the highlighted fields. You will be able to see 4 pointed arrows then click and adjust. 

11. For Rich Text and Text fields you can add a note or comment on the right side of the screen.



12. Once your done with the modification. Save the label then hit OK at the top.

13. To print preview, use an example of an inventory item. Go to Inventory and Purchases > Inventory > Edit Item. You choose any item you like. Hit Label then choose the design that you just did or the label that you wanted to use.

14. Then type in  how many labels you wanted to print.

15. Then Preview.

This is the result should look like. But if you wanted to make some changes on the design. Just go back to the same menu. Setup Tools > Printing Options > Forms and Label Designers > Label Designers > Inventory Label designer

16. For example, added the List price and Cost on the design. Then save it by clicking OK.

17. Print Preview Again. Edit an item then click Label. See the big difference from the previous preview. We added the List and Cost on this preview. You can practice until you find the label design you want.