Problem Description

If you have defined your AIC Segment Locations and created the location names, you cannot go back and edit the Segment Locations to change them. This video shows how to restart the Segment Locations.


This video shows how to perform a restart on the AIC location names and setup. It is recommended that only users that are fairly knowledgeable with Windows and System Five attempt this, otherwise you should get assistance from Windward Technical Support.

If you are not satisfied with the way the location segments have been defined, and the location names have already been created, these are the steps required to start over.

1- Ensure that everyone is logged out of System Five before continuing.

2- Delete the following tables from the live dataset. InvLocat.btr, Location.btr, Locsegmt.btr

3- Start SystemFive. New blank copies of these tables will be extracted automatically.

4- Perform this step only if there already had been stock linked to a location. Select Setup Tools > Utilities > Toolbox > Inventory Routines > Stock control Routines > Fix Location Cross-Reference records.

5- Click Fix Location cross-Reference Records button. This routine will clear the invalid Location links from the existing Stock Records.

6- Again, in the Toolbox, select Inventory Routines > Stock Control Routines > Fix Pick Priorities.

7- Click Fix Pick Priority, this will prevent the following error: *** Please give a detailed description of what you were doing when you received this error: Inventory Part: [KFCS22EVMS] KA F/D B/M, 22', COUNTER DEPTH,… Stock Rule: Work Order Req Picking Stock Status: On Work Order, Requires Picking Inventory Qty Change: 0

8- Go to the Setup Wizard > Advanced Inventory Control > Location Segment Setup and delete each line starting at the top.

Once completed and provided there are no errors, you can start over on the segment setup. It is very important that the segments setup be fully completed and verified, before any locations are created.