Problem Description

Advanced Inventory Control - Moving stock from a location that is being discontinued or its purpose has changed and will not be used for regular stocking items.


Stock Move is accessed from Stock Adjustments located within Inventory and Purchases. This process will allow the selection of a location and all items contained in this location will present on a grid. All items can be selected and a new location identified.

1. Click on Inventory and Purchases
2. Click on Stock Adjustments
3. Click on Stock Move
4. Select stock by “Locations”
5. Click Add
6. Find the location you are moving product from
7. Once displayed on the grid use the ellipse button located in the right column to choose the new location
8. If multiple Items are displayed, click on the ellipse button contained in the column Header of the Qty to move column.
9. Identify the new location to move to and specify the qty
10. Click the Move button.