The Credit Cards Tab and the Checks Tab have been removed. There is now a single tab that contains sub-tabs for all of the tender type that are in use in the current POS Transaction File.

The Tender Details tab is split into lists of transactions for each tender type, Cash, Checks, Debit Cards, Paid Outs, Visa , MasterCard etc.
The tab visibility are based on the Tender Types that are configured in the specific dataset. This way you will only have to deal with the Tender Types that you use.


Figure 1: POS Transaction Report - Tender Details Tab

Note: Gift Cards will be displayed, but there is no action to deal with Gift Cards in the Bank Deposit Wizard yet.

The system will automatically confirm all of the items in all of the Tender Details tabs so the user can go directly to the Deposit Worksheet tab and make any changes that they need to.