Install the Topaz software/drivers on the local workstation. 

Drivers can be downloaded from

Make sure the SigCap device is working on the user's local computer  

Test that the sig cap works using the DemoOcx.exe 

Note: if Demo does not work then you'll have to re-install the driver and make sure that you have restarted the computer first before install it again.

System Five Setup

These steps are basically the same as the ones we use for On Premises installations

Step 1) Select Setup Wizard

Step 2) Select Point of Sale Devices

Step 3) Select Signature Capture

Step 4) From the drop down list, select the installed signature capture device. System Five™ currently only supports the one model, however similar size Topaz units should also work.

Step 5) Use Sig Capture for Credit Cards

Check this option is you want to electronically sign a credit card receipt. You must ensure that your merchant agreement allows electronic signatures in the event of a charge back. The electronic signature is not transmitted to the credit card processor.

Step 6) Allow viewing of Signature on stations without signature capture devices

Check this option to allow back office and other stations to view signatures without having a signature device installed.

Setting up the Full size invoice forms to include signature

Step 1) Drag Signature Capture icon to Full size form

Step 2) Drag Laser printer to Signature Capture, (If you want two copies drag another printer over).

Make sure that the printer assigned to the Sig Cap device in the invoice tree isn't a redirected printer. If you select a redirected printer, the signature capture screen won't pop up. (this has to happen on every invoice form that has the SigCap attached to it.

You must also setup the invoice form to include the Signature field. Usually you would drag that to the Totals area of the invoice form. This field must be there on the invoice form or the signature won't be collected.

Open an invoice and test.