Setup of Customer Cards

In the setup wizard, go to the Credit/Debit Card Verification Options, and select the Credit, Debit, Gift Card Ranges tab. Then click on the Card Number Ranges button. Click on the Customer Cards tab, and then the Barcodes Button. 


In my example, I just took an existing barcode that I had available to scan. Yours would not normally start with 04101, as this may conflict with barcodes Generated by System Five. 

I would recommend your Customer Cards start with either a 7, 8, or 9, because they are not currently used as a prefix for any common credit card ranges. 

Count the number of digits on your customer card. Enter that in the Length field. 

Take the first 3 to 5 digits of your customer number and enter that in the Start Range field. 

Enter a Mask Similar to the one I entered in my example above. If your card numbers are 13 digits, like my example, the mask must also be 13 digits. 

The Mask and the Length must always be the same number of digits as your card number. 

The “-“ in the mask is only for displaying the card number and are not counted as digits. 

In my example the card number was 0410130008928. So the “-“ in my mask would make it display as 041-013-000-8928. This is just to make it easier to read, and can be omitted. You do not need to have those dashes between the numbers. The mask can just as easily be set as 0000000000099. This will work as well. 

The Check Sum will always be N. 


Exit the setup wizard, and open your customer record. In the account number field on the Customer information Tab, enter the customer card number (without dashes) 

Click OK to save and you are done. Now when you scan the customer’s card in System Five it will automatically open a new invoice with the customer attached. 

Steve Wind January 14/2016