Pervasive Database Error Record Already Exists.


If this error occurs when trying to mark a user for deletion, the issue is that there is already a user by the same name that has previously been marked for deletion. 


Detailed Problem Solution:

The simple way to determine this is to put a checkmark in the box at the bottom of the user screen that says “Show Marked as Deleted”. 


With this checked you should now see a much larger list of users with all previously marked for deletion users listed with an * in front of their names. Look down the list and see if there is another user with the same name as the user you are trying to mark for deletion. 

As an example: If you are trying to mark Amanda for deletion, and you receive this error, then you need to look for another user named *Amanda. 

Now to fix this issue, simply rename the user you are trying to delete to include the first letter of their last name or their full last name. So Amanda would now be named Amanda M (as an example). Now when you try to mark her for deletion, you will be successful, and her user name will have been changed to *Amanda M. 

You may also want to rename the previously deleted *Amanda to include the last initial, or a number so that you do not receive this error down the road. But be aware that if you change a person's name here, it will display with the new name on all their past history in System Five, such as POs, Invoices, etc. 


Created by Steve Wind September 2, 2013