This is to make sure that all the items in the virtual warehouse have all the information needed. Some known issues for the topic are blank suppliers, blank barcodes or incorrect entry of the barcodes incorrect pricing and etc.

Here are the steps to purge the Virtual Warehouse:

1. Go to Inventory and Purchases>Dataload>Virtual Warehouse Maintenance

2. Click on Purge.

3, A window will pop up asking for the supplier. Since we are purging everything, you should click on cancel.

4.Next, it will ask you which auxiliary parts to delete, click on purge all.

5. Next, it will ask you if you want to purge by category. Click no to purge all.

6. Lastly, it will ask you if you want to continue to purge all, hit yes.

This process will take a while, at least an hour minimum especially if your Virtual Warehouse has a large record of items. Once the purging is done, you can let the XO Lights utility run to update the items again for both Regular Inventory and Virtual Warehouse.