You need to do two things to be able to email from System Five through

1 - Enable POP Access in disables POP access by default for so the first step is to enable it.   

1.    Log in to your account. 

2.    Go to Settings. 

3.    Select View All Outlook Settings. 

4.    Select Mail > Sync Email. 

5.    Scroll to the POP and IMAP section. 

6.    Under Pop options, select Yes. 

7.    Select Let apps and devices delete messages from Outlook if you want to avoid using to delete the emails permanently. 

8.    Select Save. 

9.    Close the Settings window. 

2 - Configure Email Settings in System Five for all users.

Open System Five.

Open the Setup Wizard.

Open Users and Security.

Open Names and Passwords.

Select the user you want to setup and click Edit User.

Click on the internet tab and enter the following information.

- Real Name = The name you want to be displayed in the email.

- Return Address = Your full email address.

- Mail Server (Incoming) =
(This is the POP server name and port number. This is optional since System Five only sends emails. It doesn't receive them).

- Login Name = Your full email address is required to log into the mail servers.

- SMTP Server (Outgoing)  =

(This is the SMTP server name and port number).

- Enter your password for in the Password field, and enter it again in the Confirm field.

- Use SMTP Authentication. Put a check mark in the Check box.

- Use SSL.  Put a check mark in the Check box.

Click the OK button to save the settings and exit.

This must be done for all users that need to be able to email from System Five through

In most cases the users would have their own email addresses, but you could also set this up with a company account and in that case you would setup all users in System Five with the same email information.

Additional Information: POP Server Settings 

The POP server settings for downloading new incoming messages to an email program, cell phone, or mobile device are: 

- POP server address

- POP username    Complete email address (not an alias)

- POP password password

- POP port    995

- POP encryption method    TLS

- POP TLS/SSL encryption required    Yes

- SMTP server name

- SMTP port 587

- SMTP encryption method STARTTLS