If you didn't perform a backup of the training data before making changes to it, you won't be able to restore it to the previous state.
However, you can copy the live data over the training data so that it will be an exact match to all the data and settings of your live data.
This would need to be done after hours when nobody is logged into the live dataset, and this can be done from a workstation.

Open file explorer and open the W drive.

Next you want to double click on the System5 folder and double click on the Data folder to open it.
press Ctrl+A on the keyboard to select all files and folders.

Press Ctrl+ C to copy the files.
Now click on the TrainingData folder in the left hand window.
Press Ctrl+V to paste the data files into the TrainingData folder.
You will get the following window.

Click "Replace the files in the destination".

Once the files have been overwritten, the file copy window will close and you will be brought back to the file list for the TrainingData folder.

Your Training version of System Five will now contain all the settings and current data of your Live version of System Five.

Created by Steve Wind April 28 2022