* NOTE * If you have installed the USB to Serial Port driver, no OPOS drivers are necessary. Simply open the POS Device Manager, and set the COM port to the one the USB to Serial port driver is used, and set the emulation to Dumb Terminal.

1. Download USB driver and the device utility on the following link. http://www.pos-x.com/XP8200-p8.aspx

Step 2 below is not needed if the USB to Serial Driver is installed. In this case, no OPOS drivers are needed. Simply set the COM port in the POS Device Manager, and set the emulation to Dumb Terminal.

2. Make sure to download OPOS driver for the device- in this case it is using Epson’s OPOS driver

 Link given by POSX tech support for OPOS download:\\ http://www.pos-x.com/forums/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=34\\ Driver uploaded to G:\Drivers\POSX 8200U\\

3. Installed downloaded USB driver
4. Check under device manager if prolific USB to serial driver is showing up – it should have an assigned COM port as well
5. Extract downloaded device utility and run VFD setup. Image below for reference

7. Select COM port settings, it should be the same as the COM port shown on the device manager (prolific USB to Serial driver) COM
8. All other parameters should be maintained and should be the same as the parameters set on COM port used under port properties on device manager. Image below for reference.

9.Click on button “Get setting from VFD” – once prompt “Upload – OK” is received then device is communicating properly using the com port set then click “Download Setting to VFD” to download the parameters set. Prompt “Download Successful, Restart Device” should be received. Note: Device should be restarted (pull it out and put it back in)
10. Install Epson OPOS driver – Extract the file and Go inside the folder until the Disk1 folder - run setup.exe - chose all the defaults on the installation wizard and proceed with the install
11. After installing, it will prompt the same as below.

12. Add new device by right clicking on the LineDisplay and Add new device. Image below for reference.

13. Leave all parameters and put in the desired LDN. Ex. POSX

14. Click next.

15. Select the correct COM port, please make sure you put the correct COM port used by the device and click “Finished”. In the case that COM port that should be set is not showing up, refer to below steps. Go to OPOS Utility Option and port range settings and increase the COM port range and click okay.

16.The desired COM port will now be shown and new LDN can be added.
17. “Check Health Interactive” button to check if the device is properly connected. It should prompt that communication successful, otherwise you have problem with other parameters being used.
18. Common Control Objects need to be installed as well. Go to ftp://ftp.windward-ca.com/pub/special/OPOS_Common_Control_Objects.EXE and download the CCO and install.
19. To make sure all changes will take effect, do reboot the computer after installing all drivers
20. After reboot run system 5 and go to POS Manager as shown below.

21. Set Pole Display model to “OPOS Pole Display” and set the correct COM port
22. Then go to OPOS tab and used the LDN created earlier. Figure below for reference.

23. Do a test on pole display, go to Events tab and see if the test is successful. It will prompt something like “OPOS Pole Display Driver created” 24. Do an actual test on system 5 and see if it will correctly display the desired characters on pole display monitor.

For any problem installing Epson OPOS Driver please refer to this link :http://wiki.wws5.com/doku.php?id=employee:issues_installing_opos_driver_for_xp8200_pole_display