The report works only with Work Order Invoices


What are Written Sales? “Written Sales” is a term used in several industries to refer to the daily changes in the value of Sales Revenue for the business. 

Windward Software’s implementation of “Written Sales” tracking, records the following: 

  • The addition of an item to an Invoice  
  • The removal of an item from an Invoice  
  • A change in the quantity of an item on an Invoice  
  • A change in the Cost of an item on an Invoice. 
  • A change in the Selling Price of an item on an Invoice.  

It is important to understand the definition of an “Invoice”.  In this context, an Invoice is a Work order or a completed Sales, Cash, or AR.  

Estimates are not tracked in the Written Sales as they do not represent revenue to the business, they are only possible revenue at some time in the future. 



System Five will only record the “Written Sales” data if the Setup Wizard Option is enabled. The recording of this data is overhead, it adds to the already large amount of data collected by the system, therefore it is turned off by default. 

Once the feature is enabled, the system started recording each of the changes as described above. 

The database table used by the system to store the data is called TranAudit, which is an abbreviation for Transaction Audit. 

The information contained in this table is then used to generate Views, which are queried by an external application to view the reports. 

NOTE: If you have already installed the Windward Report Viewer, you may need to uninstall the previous version and then re-install from the link below.


1. Install the “Windward Report Viewer”:

  • Click “Install”
  • Run the setup.exe file that is downloaded
  • When prompted with a pop-up message that only has an “OK” button, look for the link that says “More info” and click on it. Then click “Install anyway”.
  • Once the installation is complete, continue with the next steps

2. Go to “Setup Tools→Setup Wizard→Network Settings→Pervasive.SQL Databases” and make sure that everything is set up properly, pointing at your test dataset so that the “Test DSN” button works successfully. Do not set up in DSN Less Connection
The report viewer window comes up instead of the report if the DSN is not the right setup. Ensure that DSN Less Connection has no tick boxes and names of data, it should be empty. Only Pervasive.SQL Database should be set. How to setup Pervasive.SQL is in this link 

Restart S5 if you are getting an error

3. Go to the Setup Tools>Setup Wizard>Invoice>Invoice Options 3 > Check Enable Written Sales Auditing

4. Confirm in the Navigator that:

  • Under the Reports item, there is an item called “WrittenSalesReports “
  • Under that there should be:
    1. Written Sales Report - Brand
    2. Written Sales Report – Comparative
    3. Written Sales Report – Salesperson
    4. Written Sales Report – Supplier
    5. Written Sales Report

Note: Restart Systemfive if Written Sales Reports are not in the navigator after the setup

Sample Output:

Written Sales Report - Brand

Written Sales Report - Comparative


Written Sales Report - Supplier

Written Sales Report