Netepay hosted is a tokenized payment gateway to many of the US Payment processors. Users can switch from Processor to Processor without loosing tokens. They can also continue to use their existing pinpads. (Debit encryption may be required if they change processors. This may be able to be done remotely by the pinpad supplier.) A local netepay bridge is still required, though this does not need to be updated when switching processors. The supported datacap netepay hosted pinpads are • Verifone P400 • Ingenico Lane 3000 • Ingenico Lane 7000 – Signature capture • The Ingenico 5000.

A transaction portal is available at https://portal-cert.monetary.co/

There is a problem with the batches in this portal, it may be an issue with the Netepay simulator which returns random batch numbers.

Worldpay US installations and Deployment ID

For customers that are Worldpay US installations, Datacap software is provided by Worldpay.  For device configuration, the customer will need the Deployment ID.  Worldpay may require us to call and provide Merchant ID, address and contact verification to provide this to the customer.

  1. Call Worldpay at 800-846-4472
  2. You will require the merchant ID, Business Address and Business Phone number details

Installing Ingenico and datacap client Drivers

Install Ingenico drivers http://www.datacapepay.com/downloadmenu/

Make sure these are downloaded and installed. The default Microsoft driver will NOT work.

Install Datacap client drivers

Select your processor (client side are all the same) and download
• dsiEMVUS® 1.51
• dsiPDCX® 1.71
• DSIClientX® 3.86

System Five Setup

If you do not see the DatacapNetEpay Hosted option, then you are either missing the OCX.zip file in the bin folder or you do not have a current version of System Five. Upgrade to minimum of

Set to the IP address of the Netepay EMV Server

Set the merchant Number and turn on Tokenization and any option they require.

Select the Ingenico 3000 or 7000 pin pad. Check the Windows device manager to see which serial port is in use. In my case, the Lane 3000 took COM5 and the Lane7000 took COM6

First test with the Test Initialization and then the EMV Parameter Download. This will take a few minutes and the PINpad will beep and reboot several times.


If EMV Parameter Download Doesn’t work, but Test Initialization does,
When tendering an invoice you get:Error Processing Error (dsiEMVX) TRANSACTION NOT COMPLETE - Socket Error Trying to Connect Error 3006

This means NetEpay isn’t running on the workstation.

If RPOS Device manager won’t connect and Event log says :

3:04:02 PM MessageRelay: Retrying in 15 seconds, retry attempt 156
3:04:17 PM RemoteRelayService: Dll RemoteRelayBridge.dll Failed to Load

You need to reinstall the Remote POS Device Manager because Some DLLs didn’t register correctly.