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In order to process a rental renewal with stored credit card information there are some specific setup requirements. Only Mercury Payment Systems or Datacap can be used to process these type of transactions. The Charge Invoices area on the Renew Rental window appears once credit card processing is setup.

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Renewing rental contracts with credit card information

To view the Renew Rentals report select the Rentals > Renew Rentals from the Navigator menu.

How the Renew Rentals report works does not change when processing with the stored credit card information option. However, Charge Invoices area is available on the Settings tab when this option is in use and affects the way rentals are renewed for credit card accounts. Also an additional Credit Card column appears on both the Report and Summary tabs.

See Renew Rentals for information on the basic operation of the report.

The Settings tab is shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1: The Settings tab

Select a Charge Invoices option other than Don't charge Credit Cards. These options are

The additional Credit Card column is visible on the Report tab, as shown in Figure 2. 'No Payment Info' is displayed in the Credit Card column when there is no card number to process. When the work order to be rolled has only a sale entry (a card number exists on the invoice - Credit Cards tab but [Collect Card] has not been pressed) for a card then the word [sale] prefixes the card number in the view.


Figure 2: The Report tab

A new column is visible displaying the customers Credit Card number. If the credit card information was collected on the original work order, then the column already contains the required information. If the credit card information was not collected on the original work order, you can add the information by double-clicking the line in the report. The Invoice Details window - Items tab appears as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3: The Invoice

Click the Credit Cards tab to change the focus, as shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4: The Credit Cards tab

Click [Collect Card]. The Collect Card Info dialog box appears as shown in Figure 5.


Figure 5: The Credit Card Information input dialog box

Input the customers information and click [Collect Info]. Click [Ok] to close the dialog box and return to the Invoice Details window.

Save the work order, without printing to return to the Renew Rental report, as shown in Figure 6.


Figure 6: The Renew Rental Report

The line containing the work order now has the credit card information. Once the credit card information has been entered on the work order, you do not need to enter it again. The Renew Rental report brings the information forward from the previous rental periods invoice.

Check the Renew column on the left side of each of the work orders you wish to process, as shown in Figure 7.


Figure 7: Example of check Invoices

Click [Renew] on the Toolbar to process the work orders that are checked. System Five converts the work orders to completed invoices, processes the payment on the credit card supplied, (even when the work order to be rolled has only a sale entry identified by the word [sale] prefixing the card number in the view), creates a new work order for the next rental period with the credit card information ready for the next cycle. The results of the process are displayed on the Summary tab, as shown in Figure 8. 'No Payment Info' is displayed in the Credit Card column when there is no card number to process.


Figure 8: The Summary tab

In the example in Figure 8, both of the selected invoices processed successfully. The Summary tab displays the Original Invoice and the New Invoice along with the New Start and New End dates for the rental period assigned to the new invoice (on the Settings tab).

You can double-click either the Original Invoice column or the New Invoice column to view the respective invoices. The original invoice has been converted to an 'A' type invoice and the authorized credit card payment has been applied. The new invoice is a work order and the required credit card information is assigned ready for the next processing cycle.