This article is on how to add additional price schedules or hide existing price schedules in the Part Find feature of the Inventory. 

When searching for a particular inventory item in Inventory and Purchases > Inventory, you can actually modify the columns that will show. This is particularly true for editing the prices that you want to show. 

Procedure in Adding Price Schedules to the Part Find

Step 1.  Navigate your way to Setup Tools > Setup Wizard > Inventory > Options 1 

Step 2. Configure the Prices that you wish to be displayed in the Part Find by selecting the prices in the scroll down list 

Modify Price 1 to Price 4 according to your Price Schedule preference.

Step 3. Navigate your way to the Part Find from Inventory and Purchases > Inventory 

Step 4. Right click on anywhere in the Part Find columns and select Customize

Step 5. From the Hidden column, select the Price Schedule that you wish to display on the Part Find and hit the Show column button. This will add a new column at the end portion of your Part Find.

Step 6. Adjust the columns on the Part Find according to your preference and hit OK. 

After doing the steps above, you have now modified your Part Find columns to show additional Price Schedules that you wish to see. 

Additionally, you can hide the price schedules that you do not wish to see by going to Customize, selecting the column of your choice, hitting Hide Column and clicking OK. 

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