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Feature: The price schedule feature allows you set up a number of price schedules for you to group your customers under.

Explanation: Price schedules could be thought of as buckets to put your customers in, and the price the customer pays is based on the bucket they are in. If you give preferred customers a 10% discount, then all the products that are eligible would have the preferred customer price schedule set up to give a 10% discount from list price.

Setup: Setup Tools > Setup Wizard > Inventory > Price Schedule names

  • Number of Price Schedules (2..99). You pick from number of price schedules. [Video update note: 2 is the adjusted minimum.]
  • Usage: Select a number and click update Price Schedules to change the number of price schedules that show in the list
  • Caution: If you reduce the number of price schedules and they are in use, you may get errors on some reports. Please report these to our programming department as this should be caught and a better user message should be shown to you.

Inventory: When editing an inventory item in the retail tab you will see the individual items pricing broke down by price schedule

Invoices: On invoices, the customer's price schedule will be used to choose which price level to use. This can be overridden on the invoice if your clerk has permissions to do this.