Before you reopen a bank rec, make sure that a backup of your data has been created and nobody else is accessing the bank reconciliation. 

To reopen a bank rec, please follow the instructions below: 

 1. Access Setup Wizard > Setup Tools > Utilities> Tool Box, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Toolbox menu path



Figure 2: Toolbox window

If you do not select the "yes" button above, when you attempt to select a routine you are presented with the following warning:


 2. Access Ledger Routines > Bank Reconciliation.

 3. Select the bank ledger from the dropdown menu. 

4. Before you can reopen a bank rec, you need to delete the current open bank rec by checking the box next to the bank rec period and clicking on Delete Checked Bank Rec Periods. If the bank rec period that you wish to reopen is way back, you also need to delete the closed bank recs above it. For example: 

Your current open bank rec is December 2020.
You wish to reopen the bank rec for October 2020.
To do so, you need to delete the open bank rec for December and closed bank rec November to be able to open the October. 

5. Once the open bank rec (and other closed bank recs above the one you wish to reopen) has been deleted, the option to Re-open the bank rec is now enabled. You just need to select the bank rec you wish to reopen and click on the Re-open Period button.