A status 132 error means that the BLOBDATA file has reached its maximum storage capacity and can no longer store records without having information archived.  We recommend restoring from backup to before you received the 132 error to successfully run the archive utility.

The users with supervisor security [48.1] in System Five may also have received a "Warning archive needed" message as seen below before the status 132 error.  No restoration is required if running from the archive needed message. 


Typically you would receive this error from an invoice screen, adding comments or document attachments.


This procedure could take up some time to complete as the database files will be large. 

Option 1: 

Run the new Toolbox Routine to archive old BLOBDATA records


This Toolbox Routine is available on released version and later.


  1. Go to Setup Tools > Utilities > Tool Box > Misc Routines
  2. Picture / Blobdata Utils
  3. Switch to the "Create Archive File" tab and click on the "Create Archive Directory" button
    • This will create a new folder inside _datafiles called "BlobArchive"
    • This will now be the storage place for all records prior to the date you specified
  4. Set Prior date - defaults to 7 years but you can adjust this
  5. Enable Data Types & File Attachments
  6. Then click on the "Move to Archive" button below
    • This routine will move all records starting prior to "Prior to Date" and retain all records moving forward.
    • so the current BLOBDATA.BTR, BLOBHEAD.BTR & SIGDATA.BTR files should reduce in size

Option 2:

Ensure you have secured a data backup before proceeding with any database upgrades.

Upgrade Database to Zen Actian Version 14

This version has a larger storage limit than previous versions.

Remove Segment limit

  • Load up Zen Control Center > Configure Local Engine
  • Under Performance Tuning, Uncheck "Limit Segment Size to 2GB
  • Click the "APPLY" button below, then the OK button


Rebuild BLOBDATA.BTR file via PCC > Rebuild utility with the setting below.

DO NOT rebuild the file via File Check in System5. That will set the File Format to 12, instead of 13 which has a larger storage format.

Follow these setting