The Estimate Closing Report lists estimates within an estimated closing date range. This report can be found under: Reports, Sales Reports, Salesperson Reports, Estimate Closing Report, or Reports, Sales Reports, Customer and Invoice Sales Reports, Estimate Closing Report.

The report can be selected by:

  • Start and End Estimated Closing Date
  • Reference sub Types
  • Salesperson
  • Department

The report will list:

  • Reference Sub Type and Department
  • Date Created
  • Customer
  • Ship To (Optional)
  • Salesperson(s)
  • Currency Code
  • Foreign Total
  • Total
  • Closing Date
  • Confidence %
  • Total X Confidence %

A Summary Report shows:

  • Week of (estimated close date)
  • Count (number of invoices in that week)
  • Total
  • Percentage (average percentage)
  • Total Percentage (which is not total X average percentage)

The report can be sorted by any column by clicking on the column header.

The closing date must be greater than the invoice creation date.
You can change the Reference Sub Type, Currency Code, Closing Date, or Confidence type by simply typing in the values in the Table.
The estimated closing date can be entered easily by type + (number of days from today). For example, if you think the invoice will close in the next week you can type in +7, and it will calculate the estimated closing date for you.

Any other changes have to be made to the estimate which can be edited by double-clicking on the line. The total will recalculate when you exit from the invoice. If you change the invoice type, salesperson, or subtype, the invoice will not disappear from the report. You will need to press the view button to refresh the total.
The report will show split commissions and their percentages, but the report does not factor this into the calculation.



The estimated closing date and percentage can also be added on the Commission tab of the invoice.