Setting which outlook account is used when emailing from System Five on a local network.

NOTE: This hasn’t been tested in a cloud environment.


In Control Panel click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook) (32-bit)

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Click Email Accounts

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 - On the Data Files tab, select the account you want to be the default for sending emails and click Set as Default.

 - Close the window and restart Outlook.

Now when you send an email from System Five it will send using that account.




You cannot mix POP and IMAP accounts. If you do, you won’t be able to set an IMAP account as the default. It will instead always set the Exchange or Hotmail account as the default.

When you try to set it back to the IMAP account, it won’t let you and will give you the following error.

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In researching this I found the following information:

The way IMAP is implemented in Outlook it does not support IMAP as a default data file.

This is because the IMAP protocol is only designed for the storage of e-mails. Outlook needs to store other types of objects like contacts, notes, appointments etc. which (officially) are not supported by the IMAP protocol.


The only way to set the IMAP account as the default again is to remove the Hotmail or POP account.


If you need statements to run without having to change the outgoing mail account, the only solution is to email the statements from another PC that doesn’t have the POP or Hotmail account configured in outlook.