This is a Toolbox Routine, please ensure you have a reliable backup prior to running these routines Note: Once the record is merged there's no way to unmerge it.

There are 2 customer records and considered duplicate account and need to merge the account to have 1 customer account, merging all transactions e.g invoices, payments


If your Customer accounts are exactly the same name, use the procedure at the end of this document marked with '*'.

  • Go to Setup Tools → Utilities → Toolbox

  • OK the message regarding the backup (Ensure you have a reliable one)
  • Move the option to Yes for “Did you backup your data?”
  • Select Customer / Supplier routines → Merge Account

  • Set Select Account type to merge to “Customer
  • Under the “From” tab, enter the Customer account we are going to remove
  • Under the “To” tab, enter the Customer account to which we are going to move the data
  • Under the “Results” tab you will see the customer accounts and how they are going to move
  • Confirm the customer data and click “Merge Account” to perform the merge

*If the Customer accounts you wish to merge have the same name then a suggestion to use is to slightly change the name of the Customer you wish to delete. Go into the Customer account that you wish to delete and add some trailing characters or a prefix to the name like “DEL”. When you populate the “From” tab use this altered customer name.