Some users might want to have different icons for the Live System Five or Training System Five

This article should help you with how to change either.

This covers 2 topics

    1. How to update your workstation SystemFive version, the same as the server

    2. How to create a separate shortcut for both LIVE and Training SystemFive

It is also assumed that SystemFive Installer has already been installed on your workstation.

What we are simply doing here is copying the installation files from the Server because the server will always have the most updated installation files or gets updated first before any workstation.


1. from your workstation, Open a Windows File Explorer 

2. Open the Mapped Drive to the W:\Windward

3. Go inside the folder called System5

4. You are looking for two folders in there 

a. bin - live SystemFive installation flies

b. Trainingbin - Training SystemFive installation files

5. If you need both, copy both the "bin" & "Trainingbin" folders and paste them inside your local Drive C:\System5 folder

6. once the copy is done, open each folder and locate the file called "SystemFive.exe" and create a shortcut on your desktop

   You can right-click on the file below and select "Create Shortcut" or "send to > desktop"

7. Do not forget to rename each SystemFive Shortcut to "live" and "training"