Windward Software opportunity tracker also known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) lets a sales rep specify the deal size, estimated closing date, sales milestone stage, and other valuable information. This information can be used for reporting and provides assistance in reminding a sales rep of the opportunity as it moves through your sales process. As well as provide information for the sales pipeline reporting. 

Main Screen Tab

  • Description: Normally automatically filled in. You can change the description if desired for quick reference when reading your opportunity reports. ie: Tool Rental 5+
  • Sales Person: This is you, if reassigning for someone else to work, change the name to the rep that will be responsible for it.
  • Customer: This is the client or prospect.
  • Source: This is the cold call, tradeshow, website, or another medium that generated the lead. This is auto-populated when web leads are imported but prompts for selection when you manually create a lead. Choose from the list available.
  • Currency and Estimated Value: Select the currency and value of the opportunity. If you have a high and low quote, pick what you believe will close.
  • Entered: This is the date the opportunity was created in your pipeline.
  • Close Estimate: You should always have some idea of how far out the prospect is looking, ask and fill in the date. If it is a ballpark date, drop it on a weekend so when you arrive at that date you know it is not a hard estimate.
  • Sale: Fill in this date when you make the sale.
  • Lost: Select this date if the opportunity is not going to purchase and tell you this.

Reason Lost Tab

This tab will appear when you enter a lost date. Select the “Browse” button to quickly select from a canned list of reasons and fill in any additional information when it makes sense.


You can run reports to keep track of your opportunities out there. Keeping your tasks up to date things can fall through the cracks and become neglected. Looking at your accounts that you may be closing or neglecting can help you keep on top of these items.