Problem Description

Messages on Integrity Report:

  • A closed bank rec has been damaged and is no longer correct

Additional Description:

  • There are also 2 open bank recs when there should only ever be one open bank rec.


The video will:

  • Review the damaged bank rec
  • Suggest backing up before running a toolbox routine
  • Review & discuss the toolbox routine
  • Review the progress and steps that need to be taken
  • Suggest an alternative method for some fixes

Expanded Notes:

  • Review Bank rec that needs to be changed
  • Go to toolbox routines and review: Note do a backup before running routines
  • Progress & Steps:
    • Delete current periods back to but not including the period we need to work on
    • Re-open period
    • Run “Check for Bank Rec for Closing Problems”
    • Fix the bank rec and re-close the statement
  • Alternate Method:
    • Using supervisor override to check or uncheck the item on the bank rec