XO Lights Integration is initially setup by a Professional Services technician. See https://newaccount1608055419986.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/66000492790 for full details.

The PS team will be looking to us for assistance in setting up the XO Lights Utility.

To start, let me give you a background of this integration. XO Logic is the company that offers Lighting showrooms a website and inventory option that can integration with System 5. This is what we call XO Lights. XO Lights would be the customer's E-Commerce website and online cart.

XO will provide System 5 a price update file daily which will be loaded into System 5 using the XO Utility. At the same time, since they also offer an online shopping cart, XO also sends the invoices coming from the website to the FTP wherein we will be downloading them through the integration.

XO Utility:


This image above is the XO Utility. This is the part where PS would ask for our assistance. The XO Utility is used to download the price update file and upload the quantities of the live inventory to the website through FTP. This would show the information on how the utility is setup. 

Server: dataprocessing.xologic.com

User Name: Usually provided by XO Logic

Password: Usually provided by XO Logic

Port: 49000

Passive: ticked

S5 Data: Should be pointing to the _datafiles folder in the Data folder. After mapping the S5 Data directory, click on the "Create Folder" to create folders that are needed for the XO Lights Utility

Update options:

Update Description: This will update the description of the item. Ticking Regular and/or Virtual will update the regular  inventory and/or virtual warehouse.

Update List Price: This will update the list price of the item. This will need the price schedule to be set to FIXED. The XO Lights List Price Column settings is where the tool will base the list price from.

Update Cost: This will update the cost price of the item.

Common issues with XO lights we have encountered so far:

Estimates from XO Lights are not going into the software: It is possible the XO Lights service needs to be restarted. 

Just click on the stop button on the right side and wait for a few minutes until it changes from Stopping to Stopped

Then click on Start to start the service. Status

Pricing mismatch in the virtual warehouse: It is possible that the virtual warehouse may contain old data with the older pricing information. Only way to refresh the information in the Virtual Warehouse would be to purge everything. Please follow the steps on this article: https://support.windwardsoftware.com/a/solutions/articles/66000506028

Note: This article is a Work In Progress. This will be updated