The Windward Learning Academy (WLA) is a tool that replaces the custom curriculum as our primary learning resource. 


  • What is the Windward Learning Academy? The Windward Learning Academy (or simply, "The Academy") is a self-study online learning portal for Windward customers as well as Windward staff
  • What content will I find on the Windward Learning Academy? • Over 1,500 training videos and 3,400 pages of documentation are collated and organized for easy

Make the Most of the Windward Learning

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin One of the many benefits of being a Windward Software client is that your entire staff, be it two or two hundred, receives access to our online training center, The Windward Learning Academy Customer access is entirely free and never expires.


The Learning Academy "Administrator" can add/remove e-learning plans for himself and the rest of the members of the group. They can also delete users that are no longer members of their company. The administrator will have the "Administration" option upon login. To add/remove e-learning plans, drag and drop from left to right and vice versa, snip below for reference.

Find the user and double click to select

Find the e-plan, add by dragging it from left to right, and vice versa to remove


To delete user

Filter on first or last name and use the trash can icon on the far right side of the user listed.

Issues with login or credentials, or new users send it to