Transaction Number Overview

The Transaction Number identifies your end of day report. The system automatically increments the number each time the file is Closed. Each Transaction Number has a Start and End date and time. The Transaction Number selection window is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The Transaction Number window

Using the up and down arrows on the right side of the Transaction Number box, you can change the Transaction Number to view and print the previous End of Day Reports.

In Departmentalized installations of System Five, you can perform cash-ups for specific Departments by selecting the Department from the drop-down list. This item defaults to the Department that is selected on the Navigator Toolbar. The Point of Sale Transaction report only allows the departments that a clerk can access to be selected.
Depending on how you use System Five's Transfer Invoices, you may want to include them in the Profitability Report. Typically, transfers between departments are done at Cost are not considered when calculating Profitability. Check the option to include Transfer Invoices in your Profitability Report.

Note: These settings always default to un-checked, therefore you will need to check the option each time you wish to include Transfer Invoices in the Profit calculations.

When you have completed your selection, click Next on the toolbar to continue to the Report selection window.