You had a Power Outage or simply a user is getting a "Red Terminal" upon login or can't see their designated SystemFive Terminal to log on. The steps below will walk you through how you go about releasing terminals via the Zen Monitor.

1. Be at the server machine and In Windows search box, search for 

Pervasive version 14 / Actian Zen 14Pervasive version 12

2. You will be prompted to select a server, select your server name and click on OK button to proceed

3. To selectively release a user, switch over to "SQL Active Sessions" tab

  • Select or Highlight the user from the list then click on the icon encircled in red below.

Note: I don't have users logged on to this demo but users will be listed here when logged on.

4. To release all users, switch to "Microkernel Sessions" tab and click on the icon encircled in red below.

Note. You can also selectively release users from this window but each user will have multiple entries. So you will have to delete every single one of them by clicking on the icon left to the encircled one.

5. Done, you can close this window