In most cases, the root cause of this is that Pervasive or Actian Zen services have failed to start when Windows rebooted.

It is a "timing" issue. Pervasive or Actian Zen "as it is now called" is dependent on one Windows service called "Windows Management Instructrumentation". If this service failed or did not start in a timely manner, the Actian Zen service will also fail to start.

Manually start Actian Zen service

From the Windows search bar, search for "services.msc" without the quotes. and you should get the "Services App", open it up.

1. From the list of service names on the right-hand side box, look for

  • Pervasive version 14 "Actian Zen Enterprise Server"
  • Pervasive version 12 "there are 2 services for this version"
    • Pervasive SQL Relational 
    • & Pervasive SQL Transactional

2. Double-Click the service/s and click on the START button

3. You should test logging on to Systemfive at the server first then the workstations.

4. You're done

You might also need to release users from the server. Follow the link below for the steps.