In some instances, it may be needed to issue an in store credit for goods being returned by a customer. In these instances, it may not be desirable to give counter staff access to customer records so that the customer can be adjusted to an account type.

This process requires that the gift card system be configured and running already. See THIS PAGE if the gift card system needs to be configured.


  • Returning item from customer - Returning an item for credit is a negative qty as normal.

  • Sell the Gift Card for Credit at POS - Using our example card of –GIFTCARD-, we now sell the gift card, and System Five will pop up a window requesting the amount to process to the card. As our return is -$16, enter $16. Click on the Process or press F10 to process the amount

  • Finalize the Gift Card as a Credit - Now we will be presented with the validated card prompt, simply click the Approved button. All detail is shown and card is active.

  • Complete Sale – Balance is Zero - Note that the invoice screen shows the returned item, and the sale of the Gift Card to zero the sale, balance is zero.

  • Sale is Complete – Print Invoice - Note that the printed copy shows the Gift Card number for future purchase tender, if there was no customer attached to the credit sales invoice, this is the only way the gift card can be redeemed. Optionally, a gift card can be printed if needed, see Gift Cards to explain these options.


  • Redeeming a Gift Card at POS - When the customer makes another purchase, and presents the original in store gift card receipt, when tendering the sale elect

Gift Card tender, and when the prompt appears, enter the G.C. number, the Value in $ will fill in, then click or F10 to Authorize.

  • After authorization, a pop up confirmation will appear, and then optionally a printed receipt for the customer as well.

  • Completing the Sale & Tendering - After authorization, the tender screen will reappear to complete the tender process, in this example a further $20 was needed.


  • At a convenient time, or when information on the history of a gift card is needed, the Gift Card Report can be run. All information will be shown, as in this example.