A Markup, 2 costs, and fixed or frozen prices


  • You mark up your product 100%
  • You have a regular cost your supplier charges for this item, and a special or contract price you have with them
  • There are 2 price files, and no list prices in either of these files.
  • You want your list price to be calculated by using a markup of 100% from regular cost

Overview and Information

The crux of the problem could be described as not being able to have 2 standard costs. The first standard cost would be for setting you pricing for customers, and the second standard cost would be for setting the cost of the item on a PO. We are limited to one standard cost though. The way to work around this limitation is to load the pricing as a fixed price. Since in this scenario we don't have the list price in the file we are importing, we need to find a way to set the list price even though it's not provided. I will explain the process for this below and then do a summary of the entire process for this scenario.

Loading List Price by Markup When no Cost is Available

We need to use the Table Adjustment ability in data loads. The first thing to consider in order to understand how this works is that we are loading the cost field for your regular cost file into the list price. We then Transform the field we have labeled as list. The Transform process simply allows us to mark up the cost field 100% making it equal the list price. This is why we chose List Price on our cost column.

Once you understand that we are choosing to load your regular cost into the list file, you just need to read the help file on the table adjustments. Please search for the Keyword phrase of Data Load Functions into the index search in the help file. The function to select is %increase by Percentage. The From and To values need to encompass the entire range of costs. The Value is 100 to represent a 100% markup.

There are more complex rules that this that can be put into place using XSL stylesheets if you have access to a Developer that can write XSL stylesheets. If this is not someone you have available to yourself, please contact your sales representative to have a quote for this work put together.