Changing Internet Service Providers (ISP) is a common business processes as internet gets upgrade. Use this article to ensure you consider the necessary things to update and have your S5WebAPI continue operation.

Typically the S5WebAPI runs on a server or workstation on your local network. Your router will typically point an external internet IP address and port provided by your ISP to this server or workstation on your internal network.

This article makes the assumption your local area network (ie: did not change. If it has you will need to consider that the internal address of your server/workstation that hosts your WebAPI has changed.

Get a fixed IP address

Ensure you paid for and receive a static IP address. It's called static because it doesn't change.


Update your Router

If your Internet Service Provider replaced your router you may need to place a call into their technical support to forward the port of your WebAPI to the workstation or server it is being hosted on.

  1. Check your firewall/router.
  2. Check if any software firewalls are configured and limiting the WebAPI from operating. This is not always done by ISP technicians.
BEST PRACTICE: Do not configure your server or workstation that hosts the WebAPI to Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for its IP address. Otherwise it can dynamically get a new internal IP address and break the forwarding from your router.

Update Any Integrations

If you have an integration partner that points to your WebAPI you will need to update them. Contact your integration partner to assist you where to enter in the new static IP address into their software.