Technical Overview

This integration has three main functions.

  1. The first function allows lighting showroom customers to automatically download orders placed in the XO Light cart. These orders are transported by an FTP site and automatically downloaded and created in System Five on a scheduled interval.
    1. Inventory items on customer orders from the website that don’t already exist in System Five’s regular inventory will be created and added to the appropriate sub-category according to the category mapping that is specified in the Setup Wizard.
    2. New customers will be added that are not in System Five’s customer database.
    3. Duplicate checking to match existing customers by the customer’s name and address entered on the XO Lights website.
    4. Existing matching customer records will be updated with new information such as email addresses and telephone numbers.
    5. This is controlled by the “XO Lights Setup” configuration in System Five setup wizard.
  2. The second function of the integration is to automatically update the costs, description and optionally list prices of products from all suppliers in both inventory and virtual warehouse.
    1. System Five checks at the specified time interval for a new price update file. If updates are available the system will automatically update the items and then delete the update file.
    2. Any inventory in the regular inventory and Virtual Inventory database is updated.
    3. Any new items will be created and added to the virtual inventory database.
  3. The third function is an automatic feed from System Five that pushes the available inventory quantity to the XO Lights website. This also occurs at the specified time interval. This is done using the WindwardXOLightsExportUtility.exe and the “XO Lights Settings” area. CSV files are both exported and imported.
The category mapping information is stored in a Pervasive BTR file called LinkCatData. An entry in LinkCatHead for XO Logic with a value of -5555 which is constant references the field data.

XO Lights Value Proposition

Designed by lighting showroom owners for lighting showroom owners, xoLights™ provides you with the tools necessary to compete in today’s lighting industry by taking care of all the hard work for you. You simply use these tools as a profitable extension to your existing business.

Choose a full e-commerce website designed to your needs, or incorporate our services into an existing site. Either way, you will have access to a database of continuously updated vendor product listings.

Also included are in-store tools that will help you eliminate incorrect pricing and back-order problems. Easily manage wish lists and orders, look up customers and estimates, manage your product listings and item markups, and more all within a single, easy-to-use system that you control. xoLights Integration Setup for System Five

Legacy XO Technical Overview

This is a method of integrating with XO Logic is no longer in production but has been left for historical purposes.

When a customer enters an order via the xoLights website, the order is stored on the lighting store’s designated FTP site. The order is automatically created in System Five after the Sys5Script.exe is run (at the time specified in the Windows Task Scheduler) which executes the XML import/export. System Five must be running at the same time. If the order includes any items that don’t exist in System Five, they are created on the fly and saved in a specific sub-category created for this purpose. The supplier is created on the fly as well if the Supplier Name is not found in System Five.