This page will assist your in setting up your slip printer to properly function within System 5.

A test page must be printable from your printer before your printer can work in System Five. To print a test page in Windows, right click on the slip printers icon, select properties and from the General tab click Print Test page. Call your IT professional before calling Windward Software support for test page printing problems

Windows printer install tips:

  • Many slip printers will work with the Generic / Text Only driver built into Windows (List under Manufacturer: Generic). The video below demonstrates this setup:

Setup Generic Text Printer in Windows


How to setup System 5 for your slip printer

  • From the Navigator go to Setup Tools, Printing Options, Printer Setup
  • Find and highlight your slip printer in the list of printers
  • In the right hand window check off the Slip Printer box (this will also select Fast Dot Matrix).
  • The Select Printer Codes drop down list will now appear above, drop it down and select 8 | SLIP PRINTER
  • Click Exit to save your changes. Close System 5 and log back in to activate the printer changes.

The video link below will demonstrate setting up the slip printer in System Five:

Video on Slip Printer Setup


Configuring the Slip Printer Form Design

The video link below will demonstrate configuring the slip form in System Five: