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NOTE: Most commonly used slip printer brands are the Epson TM series and Star printers. The slip printer is referred to as “receipt printer”.


Windows Installation & Testing

Make sure that the slip printer is already installed in Windows. Printers in general should be able to print from Windows to be functional in System Five.

Try printing a test page to test the functionality by right clicking on the slip printer icon and go to properties option. You will see the same as second image below.

Once Printing test page is successful you may proceed with System 5 setup and Configuration.


System 5 Setup

Check if System5 recognizes the printer by going to Printer Setup. To do this, go to Menu > Setup tools > Printing options then finally, Printer Setup

Highlight the slip printer that you want on the left side of the screen and make sure that Slip Printer and Fast Dot Matrix are checked in the right pane. Then select Code 8 for the slip printer as shown on the picture below.

For more information please click the link below.


Setup to Print Credit/Debit Card Transaction Receipt

Slip printer setup to print a Merchant copy and Customer copy or either one of them for Credit/Debit card Transaction

First, go to Setup Wizard.

Make sure that Setup Wizard is in the Advanced Mode. The heading should be «To Simple Mode.Click on Credit/Debit Card Verification. Go to Mercury Payments Tab or to the corresponding merchant.

Click on Receipts Tab as show on the figure below.

There are two windows that have blank info, namely Merchant Receipt Printer and Customer Receipt Printer. Use the drop down arrow to select the slip printer

Use the same procedure when printing a Customer receipt for the Credit/Debit Card transaction. Test the functionality by doing a dummy invoice that has a Credit/Debit tender on it