Trial Balance is a test that can be run before printing financial statements. the purpose is to check account balances, and confirm that all debits equal credits. A Trial Balance includes all of the accounts in the Ledger. The Trial Balance provides account totals, and proof at the bottom to see if they balance. Scroll to the bottom of the trial Balance window, shown in Figure 1, using the bar on the right-hand side to see the balance. Note that a Balance Sheet only contains assets and liabilities.

Figure 1: Trial Balance window

The toolbar options are listed and explained in Table 1.




This calculates the Trial Balance. You would usually use this after you have edited an account, pressing the Calculate button updates the Trial Balance.


This Prints the Trial Balance.


This Exits the Trial Balance window.

Table 1: The Tool Bar

The report options are listed and explained in Table 2.



Book Month

Select the Book Month for this report. The Trial Balance will include all transactions post in or before the end of the selected Book Month.


Only visible if you are running a departmentalized version of System Five. This drop-down list allows you to select specific single departments or All departments. This allows for closer examination of the individual departments.

List A/R and A/P
Sub Ledgers

Checking this box will cause the report to include all of the A/R and A/P Sub Ledger Entries.

Show Zero Accounts

Checking this box will cause the report to include accounts that have a Zero Balance to be displayed.

Table 2: Report Options