When performing a major upgrade to System Five, there are steps you need to take and reports that should be run and reviewed before you do the MAJOR update of System Five. These checks/reports help you to ensure that your data is clean and free of integrity issues.

  • Note: A major upgrade is defined as any update that includes a change to your System Five version. Eg: Going from Version 5.35 to 5.42 and 5.42 to 6.2.2.x

The list of steps/reports that should be performed is listed below.
Customers must make sure to run the two routines prior to doing a backup copy of their Live Data set in preparation for the training upgrade schedule. In this way, it is assumed that the copy is healthy data.
For instructions related to each item, click on the link:

Reports for Comparison

  • Inventory Value Report – Look at the Financial Value as a check value
  • Tax Report – run before and after for the same period.
  • Aged AR – For a check value, use totals and/or a specific customer balance
  • Aged AP - For a check value, use totals and/or a specific supplier balance
  • Basic daily transactions on Point of Sale, open bills, checks, and purchase orders if there are errors
    *Check invoice comments
  • Do a sample email or print out e.g invoice or customer statements *Note: If you are upgrading from Version 5.35, you must run the Inventory integrity Check routine**