I would like to reduce my report running time. How is this done?


Most reports need to read all related data in your system. For instance, Inventory reports will read inventory and Customer reports will read all customers.

These are expensive lookups in terms of time for the computer to access the database. These reports can be even more expensive if the report is not being run from the server.

Possible causes for slow report generation:

1) Older/Slow computer - Computers more than 3 years old running business applications should be budgeted for replacement. Uninstall any non-essential programs. Shutdown any running programs on your computer that are unnecessary as they will slow your system thus slow your reporting.

2) Size of data - Large datasets will take a longer amount of time to run. There is no way to delete database records from System Five as they are interdependent. In the case of a large dataset you will have to take note of the time needed to run the report and budget that time each day.

3) The speed of your network directly impacts the speed of running the report as each record in your reports will require multiple communication requests across your network. Large downloads from the internet or computer-to-computer on your network will cause slowness. Ensure that no user on the network is moving large amounts of data during the report.