Wasp WWS750 Barcode Scanner


Overview From Wasp's web page

 - Scans Popular 1D and 2D Barcodes - Data Collect 295ft (90m) from Base - 30,000+ Continuous Scans on One Full Charge - Durable 6.6ft (2m) Drop Spec and IP65 Rating - Green Spot Technology for Good-Read Feedback 


The full programming manual can be downloaded from this link
Or directly from Wasp's web site.

STX Prefix

Print the following PDF and follow the instructions on that page.  


To test that the STX Prefix (Ctrl+B) has been programmed successfully, Drop to a command prompt and scan a barcode (NOT one of the ones from the programming sheets)
 You should see something like this: 


What you are looking for is that the scanner scanned a ^B before the barcode and it translates to a little smiley face character on the next line. If this is what you see, you have correctly programmed the barcode scanner. 

If you are running Windows 10 and still do not get the ^B character, you will need to run the command prompt as an administrator on the local workstation, and on the remote session, then check the properties of the command prompt. 

  •  Click Search or right click on the Windows button on the task bar and select Search.
  •  Type cmd. Command Prompt should show at the top of the search window.
  •  Right click on Command Prompt and select run as administrator.
  •  Right click on the top of the command prompt window where it says Administrator: Command Prompt, and select Properties.
  •  On the bottom of the Command Prompt Properties window, check the checkbox that says Use legacy console (requires relaunch).
  •  Click OK and then close the command prompt window.
  •  Relaunch the command prompt and scan a barcode. You should now see the ^B

Optional Programming

There are a couple options that can be enabled if the scanner appears to be dropping barcodes. From what I have seen, this occurs when the barcode scanner or the cradle loses communication with one-another.

Good Read: When to Indicate - Page 68
Specifies when the reader will provide an indication (beep and/or flash its green LED), upon successfully reading a barcode.
the default setting is “Indicate Good Read = After Decode”. This means that the handheld will beep when it scans a valid barcode. This will work in most instances.

If you are experiencing disconnects between the scanner and the cradle, you can change that setting to “Indicate Good Read = After Transmit”. This means it will wait to beep until after the scanner has sent the barcode to the cradle.


Batch Mode - Page 208
This option specifies whether or not to store labels in the handheld while discon­nected from the cradle.
By default batch mode is Disabled. this means the handheld will not store/batch labels. It will send the barcodes one at a time. If communication is lost between the scanner and cradle, the barcode will be lost.

A better option would be to change this setting to Automatic. By doing this the scanner will store the barcodes within itself when it goes out of range and is disconnected from the cradle.
This would also help eliminate missed scans


Bluetooth Reconnect Attempt Mode - Page 224
Enable/Disable reconnection by trigger pull.
This is already enabled by default, but I am listing it here because it works with the batch mode setting above.
With this enabled, if a barcode is stored in the barcode scanner but it couldn't communicate with the cradle, the next time you pull the trigger, it will re-attempt to send the stored barcode(s) to the cradle.


Steve Wind - January 28, 2021
   Updated July 14, 2021