In preparation for payroll implementation gather the following information:

1. How many staff will be on your payroll?

2. Who performs the payroll? And, how long has she/he been doing payroll?

3. What is your pay frequency?

4. What types of incomes are paid?

5. What types of deductions are withheld?

6. What types of accumulators do you have…vacation pay, banked time, sick time?

7. How do you currently track employee hours?

8. Are you currently using direct deposit?

If interested in direct deposit:

Contact your bank and let them know that you are switching payroll software providers. You will need to request from the bank, the file format the bank requires for direct deposit, as well as a test account to use so you can test the output file.

In Windward payroll, when you generate the pay run, you will click on the direct deposit button which will generate a file (the file is built based on what specifications you bank provides). The file that is exported from Windward payroll is then uploaded by you to a test account the bank sets up. The bank can then verify that the file is ok.

9. What type of check design do you use (2 or 3 part)?

10. Where is the current payroll information being stored? Another program, paper, 3rd party?

11. Are you currently using System Five general ledger?

12. Are you currently using System Five accounts payable?

13. What version of System Five are you running? Is an update required?

If not on version 6.0.50.xx or greater you are required to update prior to payroll installation. If you are on 5.42 an upgrade will be required which consists of two appointments. Upgrade training first, once you are happy with the results you can contact support to schedule the upgrade of Real.

14. What is your expectation to use the Windward Paryoll live?

15. Will business owners be paid using this payroll software? Are they currently being paid with an EI exemption?