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Returned Merchandise Authorization (R.M.A.) is an authorization to return a product for repair or replacement.

R.M.A.s in System Five is used on two sides.

Customer R.M.A. - Your customers returning items to be replaced or repaired.

Supplier R.M.A. - You are returning an item to a supplier for replacement or repair.

An item may be returned by the customer, you then return it to your supplier. The supplier returns the product to you and you then return it to the customer. RMAs are treated as final invoices and for Advanced Inventory Control the locations (and thus quantities) are as follows:

a) return on customer RMA - puts stock into location "Not Set"

b) sale on supplier RMA - attempts to sell from location "Not Set", but takes from regular stock, if necessary

c) return on supplier RMA - puts items into regular stock (not a location "Not Set")

d) sale on customer RMA draws from regular stock

Note: For returned merchandise, serial numbers are returned to stock with their original assigned serial number.

 R.M.A.s in System Five is implemented using a special invoice type:

U In on Customer R.M.A.

O Out on Supplier R.M.A.


R.M.A.s are best tracked using the R.M.A. Wizard.

To access Returned Merchandise Authorization functions, select Inventory and Purchases > R.M.A. from the Navigator menu, as shown below:

Setup & Configuration

To access the Returned Merchandise Authorization (R.M.A.) feature, use the following Navigator menu path: Inventory and Purchases > R.M.A.

The following topics detail prerequisite setup or configuration tasks required for R.M.A. features:

  • To put a SUPPLIER on the Supplier R.M.A., check [88] use Suppliers on Out on R.M.A's. in Setup Tools > Setup Wizard > Invoice Setup > Invoice Options 2 | (THIS IS NOT THE RECOMMENDED METHOD)
  • To turn on the R.M.A Wizard, check Use R.M.A Wizard in Setup Tools> Setup Wizard> Inventory> Options 2.

Menu Commands

The following topics explain the function of each of these related sub-menu commands:


The steps to complete a normal R.M.A. in System Five are as follows:

  • New Customer R.M.A.. - The customer returns a faulty item to the store.
  • New Out on Supplier R.M.A - The item is sent to the supplier for repair or replacement.
  • In on Supplier R.M.A. - The supplier returns the repaired item or returns a new item to replace the faulty one.
  • Out on Customer R.M.A. - The repaired or replaced item is sent back to the Customer.

R.M.A.s are best tracked using the R.M.A. Wizard. You do not have to process all four steps above. However, if we take the item back from the customer and cannot replace the item, you need to change the U invoice type to a credit A/R invoice type. Also if we send back the item to the supplier and they can not fix it and send it back, you need have to change the O invoice type to an A/R invoice type, to be able to invoice the supplier for it so the amount can be contracted.

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