Preconditions: Available in most versions of System 5.

Use Case: As a User I need to analyze the aging value of my inventory so I can proactively clear out low performing stock before it devalues or simply so that I can free up that value to purchase higher performing stock.

Summary: This report is created via our design inventory report, and can be saved for repeated use.

Steps to recreate:

1. From navigator. Reports > Inventory Reports > Design Inventory Reports

2. Input name in “Report Name” Field pictured below

3. Apply selections for Category, supplier, Brand, filter, and options as needed for further customization for client.

4. In Column tab chose identifiers for inventory as pictured below. For this example, selected is category, part number, description, and supplier.

5. To apply the aged values, select columns for “Stock age”. Each “Stock age title” represents a value range that can be applied for the report. Adding “Stock age”, will also add an additional tab for “Stock age” where the details will be input.

6. Select the “Stock age” tab and input the day range for each “Stock age” column as desired.

7. Save

8. Note saved Inventory Reports designed can be accessed via Inventory reports > Print Inventory Reports