This toolbox routine will allow you to move/merge ledgers from on account to another

Always make sure to backup your live data before processing this routine.This routine will change historical accounting information. This works similar to the ‘find and replace’ functionality and will completely remove all traces of the old ledger number like it never existed. Using this routine should not be taken lightly and should not be done without further understanding. This will change previous historical financial reports. (which is not a good accounting practice)

1. To start: Goto Setup Tools > Utilities > Toolbox

2. Before you can proceed to the next window you need to click YES, if you are done creating your backup. ( Please make sure that no one is logged-in to System5 when your doing your backup.

3. On the Left, select Ledger Routines > Move Ledger Account

4. From this window, you will have to specify the Account Number you want to Move/Merge. Select the date when the transaction was created or modified, and then select all transactions to move. Always make sure to indicate the Modified Date Start and End Date. The Modified Date start should be a date when your business started to ensure all transactions will be transferred to the new account.

5. After completing the information needed to merge click “ Move Ledger” button. Wait until it will say DONE.
6. Check again the Account Number if all transactions were moved or transferred and then once confirm ok delete the old account number.

Additional Info:

The Edit Button in the chart of accounts should not be used to change the account number. If it is necessary to change the account number, add the new account number and merge it to the old one. Follow the steps provided in merging the account.