This problem is only applicable to users with departments.

If you can't find a transaction in your bank reconciliation, the most common cause is that the transaction is attached to a period belonging to another department or “All” departments. This is caused by changing the bank setup option “One bank for all departments”

One bank for all departments” -

  • If this option is checked. All bank postings from all departments are put in one period for reconciliation.
  • If this option is not checked, each department must be reconciled independently.

Switching this flag while a bank period is open may cause some transactions to be attached to Department 0 (meaning all departments), and some transactions to be attached to Department 1…

To fix this, open the toolbox, select Ledger, Bank Reconciliation. You will see a list of periods. If you see two open periods, one with department 0 and one with department 1, this means that you have this problem.

  • If One bank for all departments is checked, delete the bank period for department 1...
  • If One bank for all departments is not checked, delete the bank period for department 0.

Usually it is the odd one out. When you re-edit the bank reconciliation period, the transactions will re-appear on your bank reconciliation.

Bank Reconciliation Periods Are Missing After Change to Multi-Department

You have just switched to a Multi-Department setup, and the Bank Recs are not showing up any more.

  • Check the Setup Wizard, and click on General Accounting, and then double click on Bank Setup. On the bottom of this screen you will see a check box that says “One Bank for All Departments”. This box has a check mark in it by default when you go to a Multi-departmentalized system. However, it would still be pointing to Department 0, as all your previous Bank Recs belonged to Department 0. So if the department move routine was run from the toolbox, and Bank Reconciliation was selected as well, it would have moved all Bank Recs to Department 1 (if that was the department that they were moved to), but the open Bank Rec may not be accessible. The simple solution is to check the Bank Reconciliation toolbox routine, and look for any open Bank Recs. You should not see two open Bank Recs. If you do you will need to delete the most recent one. You will also notice that all the Bank Rec periods are for Department 1 now. Run the Move Department routine, and move only the bank rec from Department 1 back to Department 0 and now you should be able to see your Bank Recs again.

NOTE After you have Deleted the LAST Open Bank Rec Period, and used the Move Departments toolbox routine to Move ONLY the Bank Reconciliations from Dept 1 to Dept 0, you MUST then, use the Toolbox Ledger option to Re-Open the Last Closed bank rec period, this must be opened so you can close it again from the Bank Reconciliation in the G/L, then the system can create a NEW Reconciliation Period.