The G.S.T. Report is a report that pulls information directly from the GL. In order to reconcile these numbers, we need to be able to see where they come from.

G.S.T. Report Reconciliation

There are a few fields that show on the GST report:

  • Total Sales
  • G.S.T. Collected
  • G.S.T. Input Credits
  • G.S.T. to Remit

Here is where these fields come from:

Total Sales

Total sales come from the total of all 4000 account entries for the period in question. Use the Total Income value from the Income and Expense Statement.

Please click on the link below to see how to reconcile the total sales figure on the GST report.

Reconciliation of Total Sales on the H.S.T. Report

GST Collected

GST Collected comes from the total of all transactions to the GL account for GST Collected for the period we are reporting on. This includes all journal entries that touch this account.