When setting up direct deposit for US payroll, we will consider the information that must be entered in the 'Direct Deposit' tab of Company Setup:

You will need to ask the customer while implementing to contact their bank for information regarding their routing number, and their banking format

We will enter the information as follows :

We must be sure that you have a Direct Deposit Clearing number set up in the 'General Settings' tab, along with the ledger being set up in Windward live

This completes the Company setup portion. Now, we will move on to the Employee set up :

To complete this portion of the setup, we will need two pieces of information from the employee who requests direct deposit: 1) his bank's routing number, and 2) his bank account number

Once this information has been obtained, we will go into the employee record, and in the 'Direct Deposit' tab, we will then “ADD” in a new direct deposit :

We now must enter in the data to complete the employee direct deposit :

We will follow the format :

Account Number: the employee bank account number

Bank Number: the first four digits of the bank routing number

Transit Number: the last remaining five digits of the bank routing number

Account type: the employees account type

Allocation type: either percent of check to be deposited or dollar amount

Amount: amount or percent to be deposited to this account

Payee Name: Payee Name

Cross reference: payee SSN #

  • The Institution Information on the lower half of the setup refers to information regarding the employee's bank .

This completes the setup portion of our Direct Deposit

We will now look at the completion of the actual direct deposit:

We first must create our pay run :

After completion of the pay run, we must be sure to Process the run. We then will choose the 'Direct Deposit' icon. This will take us to the deposit screen:

Once we have confirmed the information, we will choose to Export

If successful, we will receive a confirmation notification

We can then go to the file destination to confirm :

If we open the file, it should appear as thus :

The file can now be sent to the bank.

Once these steps have been completed :

Congratulations! 8-) You have successfully completed your first US Direct Deposit