Printing to fax will save printing costs and quickly deliver your statements or invoices to a customer. This will likewise save hundreds of postages each month.

Supported Configurations

There are only two supported configurations in System Five that will allow for printing a run of invoices or statements. Both will require the customer to work with their IT professionals to set up the hardware and software, as it will require someone familiar with their server operating system, and their network.

In terms of setting up Fax, two software options are available and are compatible with System Five. It will also require purchasing a fax modem that will be installed on the server.

  1. Windows Fax Server
  2. WinFax Pro (Legacy – No longer supported)

Once all has been setup and has been tested to work, a support technician can then get involved to get System Five working with that software. Windows Fax Server usually comes with the Microsoft server software, but it may need to be installed or turned on once the fax modem is connected. WinFax Pro is an additional software program that will need to be purchased. It will work with a multitude of Fax Modems, but you may want your IT professionals to do a little research to ensure that it will work with the modem you will be purchasing.

Any configuration other than the two listed above is not supported.

Fax Modem selection - Internal vs External

Both the Internal and External Fax Modems operate the same way, so most functionality is identical.

Internal Fax Modems are the least expensive option as it is a card that is installed inside the server. It will be always available and will not require any user intervention.

External Fax Modems are more expensive, but you then have the capability of turning the unit on and off when it will not be in use. This functionality is usually unnecessary unless it is something that your IT guy wants to implement for security reasons.

Fax Modem selection - Internal vs External

You should consider setting static IP addresses for all your computers in the network, so there is little chance of the IP changing on the computer that is sharing out the fax modem. This could cause the fax software and System Five, from functioning. This is probably not a concern on a network with a dedicated server, as the IP Addresses are likely already set to Static IP Addresses. But on smaller Peer-to-Peer networks, this is something that can be overlooked during their setup.

On a Client / Server network, you could use either Windows Fax Server or WinFax Pro. Both should work equally well. On a Peer-to-Peer network, you would need to run WinFax Pro, as the Windows Fax Server software is only available in Windows Server operating systems.

Fax Modem selection - Internal vs External

  1. Go to, Setup Tools > Printing Options > Printer Setup
  2. On the left-side box, select your Fax Driver
  3. And on the right-side box, select WinFax or Microsoft Fax Server
  4. Click “Close” button on top to finish

How does it work?

  • Print the document or any record within System Five you may want to fax.
  • When you get the Printer Dialog, select the Fax driver
  • And you would have something either of the two images below.

This dialog will automatically pick the information from your customer or supplier record in System Five. The test account used for this demonstration does not have any.

How to check if the fax was sent?

  • From the Start menu, choose “Printers and Faxes”.
  • Choose the “Fax” printer and click on either the “Outbox” or “Sent Items” folders.

Print – To PDF

Another convenient way of giving customers a copy of their invoices is by sending a PDF copy through email. System Five Print – to PDF feature is associated with the Email feature of the software. Because before anything can be emailed out from the software, it needs to be converted & saved as a PDF file. Given that you choose/select either a laser printer or Inkjet printer.

PDF Setup

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Navigate to Setup Tools > Setup Wizard > Network Settings > Adobe Acrobat Reader Directory
  3. On the right-side box, navigate to the folder where you want the PDF files to be stored.
  4. Click “Close” button on top to complete

Email Setup

  1. Go to, Setup Wizard > Users and Security > Names and Passwords
  2. Edit your Username
  3. Switch to the “Internet” tab
  4. Select either of the two setups, “Email Directly” or “Email Using Email Client”

Email Directly
a. Enable “Email Directly”
b. On the right-side portion, fill up all fields. Except for the Incoming Mail Server.
c. Type your email password twice
d. And depending on your mail provider, check both “Use SMTP authentication” & “Use SSL” or either
e. Otherwise, leave them unchecked.

Email Using Email Client
a. Enable “Email through your email client”
b. If you are using MS Outlook, it is important to enable “Connect to Outlook via OLE automation” option below.
c. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.
d. Close this window to complete

There might be additional troubleshooting steps required to configure email to PDF.

How does it work?
Print the transaction/record
On the printer dialog, you will see both Email & PDF button at the bottom

  • This feature will allow you to choose from contacts belonging the customer account


  • This will only select the primary email account