This feature gives more access to information in the grid display with the visibility of the Supplier/Vendor for each product being purchased by a customer. Clients will now have the option to add the supplier field in different areas in System Five. It will also give you the ability to view the supplier of the products being ordered by a customer or contractor.

This new column is added to the POS grid and Customer Purchases grid. It will allow you to see the vendor for products being ordered by a customer/contractor and have increased visibility of merchandise ordered based on customer demand. Rather than having to look up this information separately.


System Five version should be or higher.

Users should have security to customize grids.

How to Add the Supplier Name Column

POS Grid Column

The item number’s Main Supplier can be customized onto the POS Grid. This applies to any type of invoice from Work Order, Account Receivable, Cash, etc. (except for ROA invoice)

  1. Pull up any existing invoice. (AR, C, WO, and etc.)
  2. Right-click on your mouse.
  3. Click on ‘Customize’.
  4. Look for the ‘Supplier’ column. (It is usually found at the very bottom.)
  5. Click on ‘Show Column’.
  6. Then click ‘OK’.

Customer Purchases Grid Column

System Five users can query a customer and list customer purchases from the purchases tab. On each line item, a column can be customized into the grid to display the main supplier for an item.

  1. Pull up any existing customer.
  2. Go to the ‘Purchase’ tab.
  3. Right-click on your mouse.
  4. Click on ‘Customize’.
  5. Look for the ‘Supplier’ column. (It is usually found at the very bottom.)
  6. Click on ‘Show Column’.
  7. Then click ‘OK’.

The quick sale grid does not have the supplier name.